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Our data management engineers are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of data engineering, administration, architecture, design, and development. We specialize in working with extremely large data sets (terabytes and greater) and will develop enterprise solutions to ensure your data is timely, highly available, integrated, accurate and secure. We are experts in the latest data management technologies including clustering, data mining, massively parallel processing (MPP), very large relational database systems (VLDB's), distributed data solutions, data extraction, transformation, loading, and data compression. Competitive advantage comes from better understanding your data leading to quicker and better business decisions. Our data management experts will help you see that advantage!

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Our team of software engineers has extensive experience developing and integrating custom software applications. We have extensive knowledge and experience with the entire software development lifecycle including requirements analysis, design, development, integration, testing, implementation, and maintenance. We will work closely with you to ensure the end product meets the needs of your business.

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Our proven database health exam will identify areas of improvement related to performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, recovery and high availability configurations,and overall health of your database. Our team of database experts will develop an action plan to optimize your database! We specialize in the tuning and optimization of Oracle databases! Give us a call at 443-865-2773 to discuss.
Why OakStream Systems?
OakStream Systems consultants are highly skilled dedicated professionals. We use best practices, innovative thinking and emerging technologies to deliver quality on-time systems. Our consultants are not just technically skilled but well versed in solid engineering principals utlizing proven repeatable methodologies such as CMM and CMMI. This means quality, documented software delivered on time and within budget.