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Data Management Services

Organizations are experiencing explosive rates of data growth. Managing and analyzing this data has become more and more complex and time consuming. Organizations that can do this better ultimately make better decsions and gain a competitive advantage. OakStream Systems has proven experience developing solutions to maximize data analysis and allow companies to see this advantage.

Our core strengths include

  • Custom data management solutions
  • Very Large Relational database management systems (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Oracle consulting services. Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) and Oracle Certified Real Application Experts
  • Installation, configuration and implementation of RAC from ground up.
  • Automatic Storage Management installations, configurations, and tuning
  • Oracle Clusterware installations and configurations
  • Oracle High Availability Architectures
  • Transparent Application Failover implementations and configurations
  • Advanced Compression specialists
  • Installations, upgrades, patches, and data conversions
  • Security/Auditing
  • PL/SQL development and maintenance
  • Database ingestion tools
  • Advanced Oracle performance tuning
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Failover and Disaster Recovery Architectures
  • Oracle spatial enabling services, spatial data loading, performance tuning, and query design
  • Massively parallel processing (MPP), distributed file systems (Hadoop HDFS), Map/Reduce algorithims

Contact us at 443-865-2773 or email us at info@oakstreamsystems.com to find out more.